Dental Anesthesia

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At Dentistry by Design your comfort is our top priority. We do everything we can so that you feel comfortable during your procedure. We take pride in being able to provide our patients with state-of-the-art numbing techniques in order to maximize our patients comfort while providing a high level of care.

Dental Anesthesia comes in two varieties – topical and injectable. The topical anesthetic is used to numb just the top service of the gum. Injectable anesthetics are a form of local anesthetic that block pain sensations temporarily in order to prevent pain from the teeth, gums, and bone. Local anesthesia is one of the most effective tools in dentistry and it has revolutionized pain control.

At Dentistry by Design we offer the following to help maximize our patients comfort. If you are concerned about local anesthesia and whether or not it is necessary for the specific treatment you need, we suggest that you discuss your concerns with Dr. Gilsdorf or your dental hygienist during your visit.

  • Warmed Anesthetic: Our advanced technology heats anesthetic to body temperature for a more comfortable patient experience. Warmed anesthesia helps to remove the “cold feeling” that is frequently experience during injection, it reduces discomfort from the initial entry of the anesthetic, and provides you with greater comfort right from the beginning of your treatment.
  • DentalVibe®: At Dentistry by Design we use DentalVibe, an award-winning device that help keep our patients comfortable during an intraoral injection. When our patients are injected, DentalVibe will send soothing vibrations deep into their gum tissues to help keep them comfortable. DentalVibe helps block the pain because pain signals travel to the brain slower than vibration signals.
  • The Wand® (Single-Tooth Anesthesia/CompuDent®): : At Dentistry by Design we also have the CompuDent. It is a pen-like computer controlled device that is small and allows for a comfortable injection. The flow of anesthetic is slow, steady and accurate so that the numbness is limited to a specific area and localized.

Your Anesthesia will wear off in approximately 1 to 3 hours after your procedure. Common effects of Anesthesia are a general numb feeling, the feeling of enlarged lips or tongue, or pins and needles. After any dental treatment that required anesthetic we recommend waiting until anesthesia fully wears off before eating anything to prevent biting your tongue, lip, etc.