AGD’s Mastership Award

This July at the Academy of General Dentistry’s Scientific Session in Las Vegas Dr. Bret Gilsdorf received the prestigious Mastership Award. Less than 1% of dentists worldwide receives this award. It is the highest and most respected honor from the ADG. To receive this award Dr. Gilsdorf met the highest criteria for professional excellence. He completed over 1,100 hours of continuing dental education in the 16 disciplines of dentistry, of which over 400 hours were focused on hands-on techniques and skills.

AGD President, Maria Smith, said “The AGD is proud to honor Dr. Gilsdorf for his commitment to continuing education and dedication to providing his patients with advanced and exceptional oral health care. Dr. Gilsdorf has gone above and beyond his duties, distinguishing himself professionally among his peers and exemplifying his allegiance to the dental community.”

Watch Dr. Gilsdorf discuss receiving the Mastership Award with our local news, WIBW. Or read the accompanying article By Ralph Hipp.

Or read the PDF of the accompanying article By Ralph Hipp here.